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Vegetation Equipment in Alberta Tailored to Your Needs

Not sure what to do when your vegetation is out of control? Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions specializes in providing vegetation management services to help you control and manage your vegetation growth. We adhere to the PVMA standards and have been providing services for municipalities, residential and commercial yards, and industries for the last 23 years. We are also certified to provide herbicide spraying for landscapes, industrial application, and agricultural purposes. If you’re not sure of the vegetation service you need to opt for, we can help you choose what’s right for your site and the environment. Turn to us today for vegetation equipment or services in Alberta.

Our Services

Right from mowing and seeding to weed spraying and cultivating, you can count on us for an effective vegetation management plan. We also provide services such as:

 Weed control

 Herbicide application


 Grass and forage seed sales

 Pesticide spraying

 Fencing and site maintenance

 Debris removal

 Equipment hauling 

 Snow removal

 Grass seed sale

 Metal recycling 

 Anything that would require man power

Explore Our Range of Equipment

Be it cultivating, debris removal, pressure washing or snow removal, Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions has a variety of equipment to help you with your requirements. Here’s a list of equipment we have:

 Tractor sprayers

 ATV sprayers

 Truck spray units

 Valmar, Spinner and Brillion seeders

 Backpack sprayers

 Discs and harrows

 Assorted trailers

 Harrow bars


 Boomless and 30ft boom sprayers 


 Steamer or pressure washer units

 Mobile pressure washer steamer units

Steam or Pressure Washing Services

Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions provides on-site pressure washing services for your convenience. Our 1,000,000 BTU steamer units and gooseneck trailers come with 200ft hose capabilities using various attachments. These units can also be easily sanitized to prevent transfer of soil-borne diseases, such as club root. We also provide environmentally friendly soaps and degreasers to remove tough stains and dirt.

Weed Control

Our team has the expertise to apply herbicides and to prevent weed from growing in your premises. We mainly focus on stopping the weed from growing and harming other domestic plants in your garden.

Snow Removal Services

Shoveling snow during the winter can be tiresome. We have 90HP compact tractors with 10ft blades which can be trailered from location to location. We also have 9ft truck-mounted blades that make snow removal an easier task.

Site Preparation

We offer a free consultation to prepare your site for effective vegetation management. We will advise you on the best procedures to create a proper seed bed. Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions provides 10’ rototillers, discs, harrows, cultivators, and seeding services to give you the best results possible.

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