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Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions was founded by Warren Abel. Warren spent over 23 years in the agricultural and oil Industry. For the last 10 years, he has been specializing in industrial herbicide application. Over the years of his experience, he realized that quality control and pride in one’s work are rare and harder to find. 

As the owner of Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions, Warren put his Olds College Land Resource Management Diploma to use by identifying weeds. He then went on to select the most suitable and economical weed control solution to do the job right the first time. Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions’ aim is to keep the customers’ best interests at the forefront of their service. They are dedicated to:

 Monitoring sites for timely application and choosing the suitable herbicide

 Applying herbicide professionally

 Adhering to the PVMA standards and following best herbicide practices 

 Interacting with the public in a respectful manner

 Monitoring sites for herbicide effectiveness, and offering improvement services, if necessary

 Being fair to its employees and giving them the right amount of work for the pay

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