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Our founder has 23 years of experience in vegetation control.

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Vegetation Control Contractor in Alberta

Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions is a vegetation control contractor based in Alberta. We are an owner-operated company focusing on providing customer service and quality craftsmanship. Founded by Warren Abel, we recommend and provide the right method and equipment for managing your vegetation growth for long-term benefits. We provide services for municipalities, residential/commercial yards, along with agriculture, pipeline, oil, communications, and reclamation companies. We also offer services to government organizations. The services we specialize in are:

 Herbicide spraying

 Vegetation control


Customized Vegetation Equipment

Get top-of-the-line equipment from Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions to help you with your vegetation management requirements. We have a range of equipment that are specialized to handle different types of vegetation management requirements, for various terrains and environmental conditions. Some of the equipment we provide include tractor sprayers, ATV sprayers, discs and harrows, assorted trailers, cultivators, harrow bars and more. Should we not have the type of vegetation control equipment that you’re looking for, we will have it built or bought. 

Gunslinger Vegetation Management Solutions specializes in doing jobs that most people turn down such as working on difficult terrains and hand gunning jobs (the word which the name of our company is derived from - Gunslinger). We offer our services to acreage and residential premises as well. Our priority in any of the jobs we do is total customer satisfaction and we will work around the clock to accomplish it. Our services are reasonably priced and we pride ourselves on the precision and quality we deliver to our customers. 

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Vegetation Management Solutions Across Industries

We provide vegetation control services for commercial, industrial, and agricultural sites.


Customized Vegetation Management Equipment

Mowing, seeding, or weed spraying, we can give you the right equipment suited to your needs.


Here’s What We Offer

Take a look at the vegetation management equipment and services we offer clients in Alberta.

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